Squirrel twitter
So I have been following a few (lot) of the game of thrones tweeters, and must have come across this guy from one of their tweets and started following him. Not really knowing who he was other than he had a part in the show.

The other week he twittered something about ducks, I really don't remember what it was, but I did a reply to him about rubber duckies being lots of fun.

We've been having small random chats since. Well Cory was catching up on some TV that I'd already watched, so I was sitting with him, but had the bittybox out and was chatting to John, so Cory asked who he was and I explained that he was an actor who worked on GoT (actually when I first started chatting with him I couldn't remember why I'd started following him, but since he had English Actor listed I was guessing he was a GoT'er and I made the random comment that when we got to watch the series I'd prolly be all annoying by going "Where's John" during it. Because I was thinking that he like an extra or only a small role (is there such a thing as a small role in ASOIAF)

So Cory challenged me to find out what role John had, so I'd least know when to look for him. He's playing Samwell Tarly. Sam is one of my favourite characters. I think he's one of the few, if not the only genuinely nice characters in the book. Anyway, I get that John is not Sam, promise, but I must admit to being a little Star Struck when I first found out.

So now I'm worried that I'm becoming that weird stalker girl, Can I call myself a stalker girl when I'm 13 years older than he is? I fear that I maybe stalking him on twitter just slightly just to prove that I'm not stalking "Sam" and that I'm just chatting to John.

Silly huh?

anyway if you are on twitter it's @Johnbradleywest and he's a really nice 22yr old English Actor from Manchester and he's a serious load of fun to chat with. And he thinks Sam is awesome, so brownie points

I'm not here, you can't see me Squirrel
I'm avoiding my own blog, how pathetic is that? but on that note I'm signing off tonight.

So we went into the city this afternoon and visited Matt at the Apple store and Cory now has his iPhone. I'm still thinking that I'm going to get myself a Dell Streak. Will try and get the next weekend. Currently waiting for Cory's phone number to be ported over from 3 to Optus. They say that it can take up to 48hrs for that to happen. Frankly it really wouldn't surprise me if 3 make sure it takes as long as possible.

Just finished reading the Vampire Academy series. I could quite happily have had the final book finish at the end of chapter 33 with Rose's last thought before she died "They come first". But no she didn't die and there was another 3 chapters that really didn't add anything to the story. But they do give you a happy ending, all threads perfectly woven into a perfectly manicured weave.

Not that I wont at some point go back and read the other books written for the same world. I did like the darkness of the Strigoi. Especially loved Dimka as a Strigoi that was pretty damn awesome.

Picked up the first Merry Gentry novel by Laurell K. Hamilton A Kiss of Shadows. Apparently I'm in a very Vampire/Faerie mood recently.

it was Teh Squirrel, squirrels
Nick stopped in at work today for a chat, right on closing time so a small group of us headed down to Durtys for a drink. I am not at all surprised that having left ages ago, his gossip was still better than my gossip. In my defence I have been away for a month, and he's Nick!

Got into work today, no T-shirts :( but the DVD's that I changed the postage on so that I'd get back to work before they arrived, were there waiting for me. As was the Slap Chop. I want to cook something with onions to test it. Only it's too hot and humid to be cooking.

Maybe in winter. Or at least when things dry out and the humidity fucks off. Please be soon.

Back to work Squirrel
So after nearly a month on holidays and actually kinda looking forward to going back to work for the last week, coming hard up against this, not so happy about it. Think I could really get used to the whole not working thing, must start buying lotto tickets regularly so that I can will and then retire.

So I'm expecting that when I get into the office tomorrow it's going to be to a back log of work. With any luck I'll be left alone to actually do it for a change. That would be nice. Can't see it happening.

Feeling totally selfish about having MandaPanda back in the building hopefully in the next 2 months. Think that that is going to be so much fun.

I am very disjointed. Off to watch a movie with Cory.

it's gone up in Squirrels
so last night as I was sitting in the bathroom at 2am as I do, I thought I smelled something funny. Burnt something funny. It wasn't a strong smoke smell, more like an electrical smolder, so I finished up my business and did a quick scout of the unit. Everything seemed OK so I threw a robe on and went outside, it was immediately obvious that something big was on fire to the left. Went out to the road to see how far down it was, it looked like it was down past the roundabout and there was definitely fire trucks already there. went back inside and dressed quickly.

My immediate thought was to see what was on fire, and how under control it was. Basically I wanted to do a quick recon and make sure that I didn't need to wake Cory so that we could prepare to evacuate. I know I was laughing at myself too, but years of living in the bush can't be just shrugged off.

The City Farmers in Wembley, on the corner of Flynn and Selby has been destroyed. They had an excavator knocking down the little that was still left upright. The store had a shop Bunny and a large bird a sulfur crested I think I'm not really a bird person so I'm not entirely sure. I'm hoping that someone had taken them home overnight.

It's nearly over Squirrel
so I know I haven't posted anything in ages, what can I say, Christmas is like that. We're back at home now, actually we have been for a couple of days now, the extra time between getting back and my first post has been just unwinding from the screaming boys.

It was so damn hard not saying anything over the last week that we were there with Cathy. I know we don't have kids of our own, we don't have any leg to stand on when talking about raising them. That's the only reason I was able to bite my tongue. I really believe that kids need rules and discipline. I'm not saying that kids should be smacked, I honestly feel that you don't need to hit a child ever. I do feel that when I child has done something wrong they should know that it was wrong, and be punished for it. What that punishment is obviously needs to be tailored not just to the age of the child, but that child's personality as well. Of course it also needs to fit the crime as well.

Having my sister say "I know you didn't take them, but you're really good at finding things, can you go and look for them please" to her son after he'd stolen my nearly full packet of cigarettes does not do anything to teach him not to do it again. A few days later, after offering his older brother a can of zero, having him run over, smiling and calling out "cool coke", they hadn't been given any coke since they arrived. I got to look at him and say "I'm not giving you a can of coke, why would I give you a can of coke? You stole my cigarettes!" revenge is a dish best served cold. What made it even better was I hadn't realised that he was around when I'd offered the first can to Jesse. It was just a perfect timing thing. Then to add icing on the cake, I thought he'd gone off inside and I shared what happened to Cory, only to find Jamie well within earshot just around a corner out of line of sight, and nearly in tears.

I didn't yell at him, I didn't lay a finger on him, but denying him that can of coke brought him up short, and then having that story told to someone else must have embarrassed him.

About the no soft drink thing. growing up, we were never allowed to have soft drink, it just wasn't in the house. We did get to have soft drink on special occasions, but even then coke was never for kids, it was for adults only, I grew up drinking Gest, but like I said only on special occasions like big get togethers and the like. I watched the boys arrive there on the Wednesday and go straight to their Pop and ask for Coke and be told that there was water in the fridge if they were thirsty. By the time we left, they'd given up on asking for soft drink at all. so yes me giving Jesse a can of zero was a big thing, and not giving one to Jamie would have stung.

ok that's all I have today

Tuesday it's not Spag Bog
For a start I made it with Penne and seondly its not a real Bolognese. Mince + Jar does not make a bolognese. But there is so much of it that we'll be having it for lunch and dinner through to Friday when we head down to Busso for the Christmas holidays with the family.

Its maintenance night on WoW so we're heading to bed and going to watch BSG season 4, which i have only seen haphazardly on foxtel.

I have V and Castle to take to Busso on the bittybox, hopefully there is a screen in the van that we can hook it into, otherwise it's snuggle up for the small screen I guess.

Harley is eating kibble just fine, which is good, and if you drop her 1/4 tablet into her kibble she eats that as well.

Hoping that Wednesday is a quiet day at home, Thursday we're going to Tron most likely a matinee showing, and Friday we take off.

And now Cory is breathing down my neck as he's ready to go to watch BSG so bai bai

Sunday 12th
still have a mouth ulcer I wish it would go away

Made my Speck pasta for dinner, and have enough leftovers for tomorrow night. Splurged and brought 2 loaves of bread today for $3.

and it's bed time

Oh lvl 84 now

Oh and watched the trailer for Thor today I think that they should have cast Alexander Skarsgard as Thor. I also think they should have cast him as Jaime as well, but that was never going to happen, can't have him in two consecutively running TV shows. That'd just be a bitch to organise shooting schedule's so I'm fine that he's not Jaime (even if I do think he'd be better).

Week 4 Day 7 Saturday
So tonights dinner was meant to be Cajun Fish and Chips and I'm really disappointed that we're not having it. But in the whole its fish I'll leave off buying it until the day and have the freshest possible.

So of course now changing the playing field to not spending any money, means going out and buying anything, while not out of the question, anything I buy needs to be money spent beyond it's dollar value. Fish for one meal just wasn't go to add value to my kitchen.

Tomorrow being Sunday should have been the beginning of Week 1 again. Instead it's a week of spend as little as possible. Thankfully Cory thinks that we have enough kitty litter to last out the week because at almost $20 a bag that would have been a big hit. But as I said before Kitty Litter is much more valuable than anything else food wise I could have brought, so if it was needed it would have been brought without hesitation.

What can I say Thor and Harley come first, I have no problem with skipping a meal or two if I have to, to keep them in comfort. As I can easily explain to any one who asks about that. They are cats, they are not humans, I don't have the luxury of sitting them down and rationalising to them why their litter has changed and their feet are getting burnt. Just doesn't work that way. I don't care that I could save money by swapping to a cheap and nasty clay product.

So what did we have to eat today.
For lunch I pulled out a couple of random containers out of the freezer and Cory had soup, it was a play on a Moroccan ish curry type chicken and pumpkin soup with egg noodles and by that I mean egg cooked and sliced to look like noodles. It was SCD legal. I had Pumpkin soup made with coconut cream, also SCD legal. So it was good that they were pulled out and eaten, they most likely wouldn't have lasted another couple of months in the freezer.
Dinner, left overs from the night before, Can't remember how much detail I went into that in the last post so that is what I made.
I had a couple of large red peppers in the fridge, some bacon, onions and half a jar of pasta sauce, so I threw all those together with a few capers and anchovies and served with short pasta. It was very nom.

Tomorrow night will be pasta again most like as I have the ingredients for my WORLD FAMOUS speck and linguine.

Of course will need to check what other things I have in the fridge make sure that anything that I don't use in the pasta would still be ok to be used on Tuesday as that pasta will easily feed us for two days.

Harley is looking so much better today than she has been. It's so hard with cats to see when they're sick and in pain because in the wild they hide that so well show no weakness and all that. Even though they're now domesticated cats still continue to hide their weaknesses. So often I don't notice for what I fear is a long time that their teeth have been causing them distress. I know that I caught Harley's teeth a lot earlier than last time. But lets be honest here, it still wasn't in time be able to save them for her.

The biggest difference is seeing the change in her, hind-sight is a wonderful thing. Seeing her today is a sharp contrast to Harley two days ago. you'd think she was only somewhere between 6 and 9 today instead of the 13 going on 14 that she actually is.

Can you end a sentence with the word 'is'? Chrissie I'm looking at you for an answer to that.

To be fair I really don't care about how well my grammar and stuff is in this blog, I'm not writing it thinking about sentence structure and so forth. I write how I would talk face to face. I want this to portray me, and my personality I want my friends to read this and hear my voice and sit there and nod to themselves saying internally 'That is so Janelle'. Still want to know if you can end a sentence with the word is however. I just want to know.


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