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So we went into the city this afternoon and visited Matt at the Apple store and Cory now has his iPhone. I'm still thinking that I'm going to get myself a Dell Streak. Will try and get the next weekend. Currently waiting for Cory's phone number to be ported over from 3 to Optus. They say that it can take up to 48hrs for that to happen. Frankly it really wouldn't surprise me if 3 make sure it takes as long as possible.

Just finished reading the Vampire Academy series. I could quite happily have had the final book finish at the end of chapter 33 with Rose's last thought before she died "They come first". But no she didn't die and there was another 3 chapters that really didn't add anything to the story. But they do give you a happy ending, all threads perfectly woven into a perfectly manicured weave.

Not that I wont at some point go back and read the other books written for the same world. I did like the darkness of the Strigoi. Especially loved Dimka as a Strigoi that was pretty damn awesome.

Picked up the first Merry Gentry novel by Laurell K. Hamilton A Kiss of Shadows. Apparently I'm in a very Vampire/Faerie mood recently.


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