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Week 3 Day 2 Monday
Yeah So I haven't posted since last Thursday, spank me spank me hard. You know I'm looking at you Chrissie. even if today I found out that you don't even remember me sending you a link to this when I started it.

Ok Friday. Was meant to be Prawn and Pepper Korma. But I knew that it was also the Sundowner that night so I didn't even buy the ingredients. Sundowner was lots of fun, had a great time.

Saturday lunch was meant to be Broccoli and Cambazola tartlets. I wasn't able to find the cheese so I had brought mozzarella instead (as indicated that I could) I hadn't brought the broccoli either as I left that to get fresh on the day, I do now have sheets of puff pastry in my freezer, but I'm fairly sure that even if I don't use them in the next two weeks they'll last until we're back on week 2 again. So I woke up Saturday morning and i was all like YUM CHA!!!!! and so we did. Checked out a little place on Cambridge street it was not bad. dead on a Saturday but the food was made to order and YUM omnomnom in fact.

Sunday and the start of week 3, by the time we got out of the house to do shopping there was no way that we'd be back to be able to cook lunch at any sort of lunch like time (late night the night before meant we didn't leave the house till after 1pm) so we didn't have Broccoli and Parmesan gratin. I must say that I am unenthused by the thought of broccoli lunches two days in a row. I may have to change that next time around. Actually to be fair that is meant to be Sunday dinner not lunch. what is meant to be Sunday lunch is the Stew and Dumplings that I went to make for dinner, started pre and cooking around 5pm, then realised that it's meant to bake/casserole for 3 hours. needless to say I upped the heat a little and cooked for only 2.

There was so much stew (but not enough dumplings for what I am about to say) that not only did we have it for lunch today (with dumplings there were enough for that) but dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow (but without the dumplings)

The Dumplings were GOOD ok they were very nice and I liked them muchly

So tonight instead of Chinese Beef with Mushrooms I put the rump steak in the freezer and just did leftovers.

So Sunday there is Dessert Treacle Tart this week, which I just could not be bothered doing last night with the stew, and I am making tonight instead. Currently the pastry which I have made from scratch I am very proud of myself is chilling in the fridge.

And that is where I shall leave you.


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