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Week 4 Day 6 Friday
I have no idea what tonight's meal was meant to be I tossed the meal plan out the window when today's vet bill came in at almost $600. So we're not doing any food shopping for the next week as every penny that we have is going to pay Harley's teeth. Don't get me wrong she's worth every cent that we've spent, but the next week is going to be about using what I have in the freezer, fridge and pantry wisely. I just wish that there was more Pasta in the pantry. Oh well Cory has a few tins of baked beans and there are 2 minute noodles for me when everything else has been eaten.

The silver lining to all this is that the vet said that other than her gums Harley is really healthy. She also came through being put under for the extractions fantastically. Currently she's running on a 24hr pain-killer that they injected her with, and Saturday morning she starts antibiotics to help her gums. In human years she's in her 70's now. It worries me that we may only have her in our lives for a short time more. It's nice to hear that she's in great shape for her age.


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