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Squirrel twitter
So I have been following a few (lot) of the game of thrones tweeters, and must have come across this guy from one of their tweets and started following him. Not really knowing who he was other than he had a part in the show.

The other week he twittered something about ducks, I really don't remember what it was, but I did a reply to him about rubber duckies being lots of fun.

We've been having small random chats since. Well Cory was catching up on some TV that I'd already watched, so I was sitting with him, but had the bittybox out and was chatting to John, so Cory asked who he was and I explained that he was an actor who worked on GoT (actually when I first started chatting with him I couldn't remember why I'd started following him, but since he had English Actor listed I was guessing he was a GoT'er and I made the random comment that when we got to watch the series I'd prolly be all annoying by going "Where's John" during it. Because I was thinking that he like an extra or only a small role (is there such a thing as a small role in ASOIAF)

So Cory challenged me to find out what role John had, so I'd least know when to look for him. He's playing Samwell Tarly. Sam is one of my favourite characters. I think he's one of the few, if not the only genuinely nice characters in the book. Anyway, I get that John is not Sam, promise, but I must admit to being a little Star Struck when I first found out.

So now I'm worried that I'm becoming that weird stalker girl, Can I call myself a stalker girl when I'm 13 years older than he is? I fear that I maybe stalking him on twitter just slightly just to prove that I'm not stalking "Sam" and that I'm just chatting to John.

Silly huh?

anyway if you are on twitter it's @Johnbradleywest and he's a really nice 22yr old English Actor from Manchester and he's a serious load of fun to chat with. And he thinks Sam is awesome, so brownie points


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