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Week 3 Day 3 Tuesday
So after putting all the bins out at work this afternoon I came back in and said to Donna. "I've had enough I'm not putting the bins out any more this year, you'll have to find someone else to do it" she got this really worried look on her face and starting asking me if something had happened. I had to point out that next Tuesday I would be on holidays.

Told Cory the 'frisky Andrew' story but also told him about telling John what had happened and John laughing it off. Which pissed me off actually Damnit he's my HoD he should bloody well have made sure that I was ok, sexual harassment of your staff is never a joking matter. Doesn't matter that I was joking about it, he should have started at Concern before moving on to laughter. BTW girls still going with the Sue quote of "Do you know the sick things I need to look at to get that visual out of my head?"

Dinner: Beef Tagine It's in the oven now for 40 minutes. It smells very very nom, I hope that it tastes nom too. Will be serving it with rice

but now my plan is to shower and read until the timer beeps at me

Oh and Cory's given me a note book to use as a diary to start documenting crap at work. Not sure if I should laugh or cry. Kind of hoping that CB will be at the Asp xmas party so I can chat to him on the QT about the John reaction


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