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Week 4 Day 1 Sunday
So we had yesterdays lunch today instead as yesterday I went to Lynell's for lunch with the girls. I really miss having her at work she's just so lovely and easy to be with.

Cory seems to like the Quesadillas which to tell the truth isn't a real surprise as we both really love Quesadillas the actual surprise is that these are Brie and Mango, which I didn't think he'd like. I guess that's the magic of Quesadillas.

Last night instead of making the Sweet Chilli Pork which I still hadn't brought the prok for I made Thursdays Pumpkin Risotto which we didn't eat because Wednesday's Alt dinner of Fridays Toad in the Hole set my Crohns off. I'll not be making that again.

And now we're off to do shopping for Week 4. Lamb Roast tonight and using leftover lamb rost tomorrow and Tuesday. Looking forward to the Nomming

More importantly only 1 work day left and Tuesday 4pm CATAgasm!!!!!


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