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Week 4 Day 5 Thursday
Smoked Haddock w/ Bacon and Roasted Cherry Tomato's

Or Smoked Cod since I couldn't get any Haddock. it's rather Nom, I suspect that Cory will ask me not to make this again however as it is rather fishy. The Cod is lovely and soft the bacon crispy the tomatoes little heat bursts

Did I mention that I woke up yesterday morning with a mouth ulcer? it's making enjoying dinner hell.

May come back later and post more, but I wouldn't count on it

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Just to let everyone know, Cory didn't like it so much, but did say that he should eat more fish than what he does. I have very fond childhood memories of smoked Cod so I'll happily make this again. I may try pan frying it first next time before finishing in the oven

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